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Using SCSI2SD With Multiple Samplers

Using SCSI2SD With Multiple Samplers

2019-07-15 (Last Update: Sat, 04 Jan 2020) Garth Hjelte 0 General


If you have lots of disposible income. perhaps you'll elect to get one SCSI2SD for every sampler you have. Disconnect-connect the same unit to different samplers, or even get a v5.5 Plug-In Drive and "pass it around" (remember that this can be a little dangerous, since there s often 5v power coming through the SCSI chain).

Fine - but perhaps you want a better option. sells a Multi-SCSI2SD Plug-In Drive which is essentially a SCSI Switcher with a v5.5 board in back. It comes in 2-way or 4-way connections. SCSI Cables are included that you stipulate, and the board and SD card comes set up the way you want to have it set up. Then you just plug it into all your samplers, and flip the switch in front so your sampler is hooked up. We've used this type of system for years (with ZipDrives) and it is very convenient and elegant.

Imagine setting up your SCSI2SD SD card where each sampler gets it's own ID. Wow!

The reason a SCSI switcher is desirable is because the SCSI2SD is basically a one-port system - unless you put it into an old multi-port SCSI case. That sacrifices the small nature of SCSI2SD, plus that big multiport case probably has a fan that you don't need and makes noise.

But if you do get one and attach both samplers to the SCSI2SD at the same time, that's real convenient too. From the sampler you choose which ID it accesses, and the SCSI2SD happily obliges. The only thing you have to remember is that if multiple samplers access the SAME ID (not recommended), make sure you refresh your sampler's directory cache before you read or write, because you don't know what changes the other sampler made.

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