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Tips - Kurzweil

2019-08-01 (Last Update: Thu, 01 Aug 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


If you have a Kurzweil, it's best that you use a v5.x board. You really only need 4 ID's in a practical sense. If you use a 32GB card, that gives you 4 Kurzweil partitions per 8GB ID. Really a 32GB card is the largest you should be using, anything else is overkill. So using a SCSi2SD v6.0 card is overkill, you don't need the extra 3 ID's - however it's easier to access the other ID apart from the first one using v6.x, since it functions as it's own card reader.

Remember that Kurzweil partitions are compatible with Windows and Mac computers, so you have free access to the 4 partitions from the first ID on the computer and they show up on the Kurzweil. You can then write things onto the other 3 ID's using the Kurzweil itself.

It's important that you use SCSI2SD firmware 4.8.3 or above. 4.8.0 and 4.8.1 have issues.

Remember the Kurzweil uses 8.3 naming only.

The Kurzweil requires external power to the USB port or the floppy-sized Molex connector.

Lastly, be careful if your Kurzweil has an internal SCSI drive, that will use ID0, so make sure your SCSI2SD doesn't use that ID.

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