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Tips - Emulator III

2019-07-16 (Last Update: Tue, 16 Jul 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


The Emu Emulator III is fully compatible with SCSI2SD, but it has some funny quirks that are not well advertised.

First, it came with an internal SCSI drive, and that drive must work in order for the E3 to even boot up - even if the floppy is good. (you can place a IDC50 end-terminator there instead of the hard drive to satisfy the E3's firmware, however.)

Second, the E3 has TWO SCSI busses. Not two SCSI connectors (like the Kurzweil) but two completely discreet SCSI busses. However, it's not two LUN's - it's still one LUN and teh busses share the 8 SCSI ID's.

Usually, the ENORMOUS 40mb hard drive that came with the E3 has failed, so it's often the best option to replace it with a SCSI2SD. Even a v6.x can work.

However, there's still some quirks. SCSI ID 0 is weird on the E3. You'll notice it's not even selectable on the E3 (it's sort of implied that it's the floppy drives number), so it's best to set the self-ID of the E3 on 0. Usually it already is - it's stored on the operating sytem file/bank.

We highly suggest to either retain the floppy (or change it to a floppy emulator!) and use a SCSI2SD as the internal drive, ro get rid fo the floppy altogether and install an internal SCSI2SD in place of the floppy. Formatting a SD card to E3 format automatically puts the OS on the ID's, so the E3 should boot off ID1.

Also, it is yet unclear to us how compatible the external, second SCSI buss it with SCSI2SD. Stay tuned.

Oh, also, the disk capacity limit on the E3 is about 1GB, although we have no absolute assurance this is true. Since it tops out at 8mb in memory, 1GB should be plenty.

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