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Tips - Emu E4/EOS

2019-07-16 Garth Hjelte 0 General


The Emulator IV series from Emu came in a variety of models: The E4, e6400, E5000, and the Ultra series. (There's more.)

Normally the E4 (which uses EOS - Emulator Operating System) uses the carryover proprietary Emu format, but the last EOS version, usable only on the Ultras, called 4.7, allows using the FAT file system, compatible with computers. Emu called it EOSFAT (though it says FAT on the interface) and it's no different than the FAT32 file system.

So be aware of that file system you are using when setting up your SCSI2SD - EOS 4.7 can handle very large disk capacity, whereas the proprietary Emu format's limit is 16GB - though we don't recommend such a large disk - we advise using at most 4GB. There is a lot of disk waste that occurs if you format for 18GB.

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