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Article - SCSI2SD v6.x - Should I or Shouldn't I?

2019-07-16 (Last Update: Thu, 01 Aug 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


Those 7 Id's are pretty sexy! But they are valuable only in certain situations - like these:

Akai S1x/3x/MPC, and Roland S5x/S7x have capacity limits. S1x/3x it's 512mb, MPC3000/60 is 768mb, S5x is 80mb, and S7x is 603mb. There are a couple other older samplers that have limits too. In those cases, more ID's are VERY valuable. With the v5.x boards, with 4 ID's max, you'll never use more than 2GB-4GB of your cards. The more ID's you have, the more space you can use, since each ID has a capacity limit.

(Please remember that we are assuming that you want to make the most out of each SD card. No one says you can't use more than one SD card - but since SCSi2SD and SD cards have such potential large capacity, you'll want to take full advantage of that.)

However, in cases where there are very large limits, or no limits, perhaps a v6.x board isn't such a good idea. A v5.x board may be enough. For instance, with Kurzweil, with a 8GB limit (split into four 2GB partitions), you can use a 32GB card (8 x 4 = 32) and use all of it easily. Even more obvious, an Akai S5000 or Roland XV-5080 uses the FAT32 format, so you really only need ONE ID - it has no size limit. Even a Korg Triton has a 4GB limit - a 16GB card will do the trick, keeping in mind the max memory of a Triton is 96mb.

But perhaps you might want the v6.x board due to the fact you can use it as a card reader to your computer - you can hook it up via USB and deal with it instead of shuttling the sometimes-fragile SD card back and forth. Still, keep in mind that more ID's might not be useful to you depending on your destination sampler.

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