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SCSI2SD Is Not a Floppy Emulator

2019-07-16 (Last Update: Tue, 16 Jul 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


Sometimes SCSI2SD gets confused with floppy emulators. Some floppy emulators use a SD card, sticking out of the front just like an internally-mounted SCSI2SD device would look.

However, they are definitely not the same thing. Floppy emulators hook up to the samplers floppy controller, while SCSI2SD hooks up to the SCSI buss. The floppy controller is always very slow (compared to a SCSI hard drive) and always has a limited capacity of 1mb (DS/DD) or 2mb (DS/HD).

Floppy emulators are really handy for samplers that have some reliance - or total dependency - on the floppy drive. SCSI2S can work hand in hand with them. But mostly SCSI2SD replaces any need for floppy drives or floppy emulators.

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