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SCSI2SD Board Versions

2019-07-15 (Last Update: Tue, 16 Jul 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


SCSI2SD actually goes back before version 5 - there was a version 4 and version 3 AFAIK. Currently, only Version 5 and Version 6 mean anything.

Version 5.0
This is sold on eBay mostly, and we suspect that sooner or later all stock will vanish in that the v5.1 and v5.5 has eclipsed it. It uses a microSD card, supports up to 4 ID's, and is a non-standard form factor - it's wider than a standard floppy/hard drive and very shallow. As far as samplers go, the only advantage is that on Ensoniq keyboards, the shallow form factor enables internal mounting without colliding with the under panel.








Version 5.1
This improvement pretty much replaced the v5.0. It uses a standard form factor, uses standard SD cards (not micro), and has software-controlled termination. The firmware, according to the designer, is the same as v5.0 (and all v5.x).








Version 5.5
This is a minature version of the v5.1 and has a male DB25 mounted on it, enabling the user to plug it in directly to a sampler without any SCSI cables. Due to the minature size, it goes back to using microSD cards, but still has the USB Android-style connector.








Version 6.0
The is the highest-tech model of SCSI2SD. It's firmware is different, allowing up to 7 discreet ID's, and uses regular SD cards, AND can perform as a USB card reader to a computer when connected via USB.

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