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Ensoniq - No More Than 2GB - Why?

2019-07-15 (Last Update: Mon, 15 Jul 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


We always set up our Ensoniq ID's for 2GB, but doesn't the Ensoniq allows up to 8GB in formatting?

Well, yes, the theoretical format limit of an Ensoniq EPS/ASR disk is 8GB, since it uses a 24-bit FAT table. The EPS/ASR also has no concept of a cluster.

  • Sector: Almost always a group of 512 8-bit bytes of information.
  • Cluster: A group of Sectors which the file system deals with as one unit. Sectors are not managed individually, only Clusters are.

(Actually, the cluster size of a EPS/ASR file system is 1 sector, if you want to think of it that way.)

The advantage of clusters having a large sector count is that access times speed up dramatically. The disadvantage is that you can waste a lot of disk space, since a single small file has to take up an entire cluster.

But with Ensoniq's, each Sector is managed individually, so access times are much longer the larger disk you have.

That is why we highly discourage making SCSI2SD ID's larger than 2GB. A 2GB size produces adequate access times, whereas past that they start being too long and annoying.

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