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Article - Ensoniq EPS - ROM 2.4 Needed

2019-07-30 (Last Update: Thu, 01 Aug 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


There are two types of Original EPS's by Ensoniq (not the 16-PLUS) -the keyboard, and the rack (called EPSm).

You should be running OS 2.49 - this is the boot operating system, but also, to use SCSI2SD, your internal firmware (ROM) needs to be 2.40 (keyboard) or 2.41 (rack). As far as we know, these are NOT cross-compatible; that is, you can't use 2.40 with the rack EPSM and you can't use 2.41 with the keyboard.

You can check what ROM you are running by, after you boot up, pressing COMMAND and hitting ENV1 twice. Then go to SOFTWARE INFORMATION and hit ENTER. The ROM VERSION needs to be 2.40 or 2.41.

If it's not, you can get the chips from

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