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Enabling Ensoniq Direct Macros using SCSI2SD

2019-07-16 (Last Update: Tue, 16 Jul 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


Ensoniq CD's have a great function called Direct Macros. WIth an Ensoniq CD, you can press LOAD, and while you are pressing it, you type in a 4-digit code, and it navigates directly to a file, ready for you to load. The 4-digit code works like this:

  • Digit 1: The file number of the directory in the root (1-9, of course it has to be a directory)
  • Digit 2: This file number of the directory in the Digit 1 directory (1-9, of course it has to be a directory)
  • Digits 3-4: The file number of the file object you want to navigate to (1-38, can be any file object)

So, for example, teh Direct Macro 2519 goes into the 2nd directory in the root, into the 5th directory in that directory, and the 19th file object within that directory. Got it?

Now, this ONLY works on a Ensoniq CD set up for Direct Macros, meaning that all it's files are nested twice in (two directories) in directories in file numbers 1-9. It also MUST be a CD, and on SCSI ID 4.

But SCSI2SD isn't a CDROM Drive. or... is it?

One of SCSI2SD's more esoteric features is setting the Device Type for every ID that is presented. Using the CodeSrc SCSI2SD Utility program, you can set the Device Type for ID 4 as CDROM. Then, anything on that ID will be accessible via Direct Macros. And also, you can't write to the ID, because CD Device Types don't allow it, but it's up to you if you want to make that trade off.

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