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Current SCSI2SD Sampler Compatibility Issues

2019-07-15 (Last Update: Mon, 15 Jul 2019) Garth Hjelte 0 General


Below are the known issues we know of with SCSI2SD (various versions) with samplers. We work with the SCSI2SD manufacturer, and we have most every SCSI sampler for onsite testing.

Otherwise, you may assume that SCSI2SD works with every SCSI sampler known.

All issues are being worked on via Chicken Systems and the SCSI2SD designer/manufacturer. All new information will be updated on this page.

Emu Emulator III
We are unsure how well the external SCSI port works. We tried with our unit, set to ID's 2 3 4 5, with the self-ID set to 0, with the Internal drive (set to the internal buss) set to 0, and we could only boot form the floppy, and all SCSI drives were undeteted. But once we unplugged the v5.5 and rebooted, the E3 could boot not only from the floppy (and see the internal) but also the internal.

Akai S3000XL
Using the latest firmware 6.2.5, we can get the S3000XL to format ID's, and load small files, but it stalls when loading larger files (samples) - and this includes Volume listings.

On the positive end, we know of 4-5 clients that are using the MPC3000 and SCSI2SD successfully. We are continuing to monitor with them on status. However we've had 1-2 clients that did not have success, though those clients were not the most reliable in relaying information. The manufacturer agrees that MPC3000 and MPC60 may have issues, as they have had reports. The testing problem is that neither SCSI2SD nor CHicken Systems have a SCSI-equipped MPC3000/60. So we are fairly confident that the MPC3000/60 works well, but this note is just for caution.

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