The Ultimate SCSI2SD For Samplers Site - the Final Word

Jul, 31 2019 (Last Update: Tue, 16 Jul 2019)


Welcome to our SCSI2SD information site!

SCSI2SD is a relatively new hardware SCSI SD card reader/writer, which is fantastically useful for samplers that use SCSI as their optimum storage device. See here for a quick history.

We created this site to be an authoritative, final word concerning the usage of SCSI2SD with musical instrument samplers.

That doesn't mean we know everything - we may not - but we have the most years of experience, the most vested interest, and the equipment to back up all the statements we've made here.

Don't get scared at all the information here - SCSI2SD is very easy to implement and to use. There's just many ways to take full advantage of it,a dn we're documenting those things here.

Why this site? We've noticed there is much misinformation and disinformation concerning SCSI2SD in regards to samplers. Some of it is correct, but a lot of it is either incomplete, guesswork, out of date, or just plain wrong. Some of the "tips" use outdated software, needless techniques, or other half-baked solutions.

This site is an attempt to correct that.

Please notice that many articles on this site refer you to Chicken Systems Translator or Translator Free program. That is not the bias of the author's, but that it truly is the most powerful piece of software for the purpose - it is explicitly coded to take full advantage of SCSI2SD - plus that it is the only application in existence that can write specifically proprietary formats such as Akai, Roland, Emu, Ensoniq, etc. - which are the most used when it comes to SCSI2SD. Not only that, it is fully Mac and Windows compatible, usable in the modern modern OS's as well as much older ones (Mac: Tiger 10.4, Win: XP). It's graphical user interface makes any SCSI SD card operation easy - no command-line, Terminal, code heavy sharp learning curve operations. And lastly, most operations can be done in the FREE version (the commercial version allows translations from different formats).

We also leverage the offerings of - not only do they offer every possible SCSI2SD option for samplers, the units comes set up and plug-and-play, so no setup is required to use it once it comes to your doorstep. The prices are competitive too!

Put simply, you can rely on the information on this site!